We created a little world of music and songs for you that sound 'the way the future might when imagined in the past.'  

Our sound has  been associated with electro-swing, lounge, dark cabaret, dream-pop, easy listening, chanson and gypsy jazz but we  just call it 'Antique Beat'. 

They say that we're a 'much loved and lauded London alt. pop-art-pop band, poised forever on the brink of international obscurity".. 

And it is true:  after seven albums, myriad Eps, millions of youtube plays, tours and many collaborations with animators, film makers and other artists, we remain a sort of cult band, rather on the edge of things. 

If you are reading this, I imagine it's probably because you're a bit of an outsider too. We keep going because of the amazing love and support we have received from friends, fans and people like you. So thank you.  

If you like, there is a lot more to this strange story  HERE

Image by Dark Haze Cat

Image by Dark Haze Cat

"beautiful...giddily recalls Gainsbourg, Pulp, Cole Porter, early Disney soundtracks and  seedy postwar revue bars"  SUNDAY TIMES 

"Utterly unique, utterly delightful"  THE TELEGRAPH 

"These heart-pricking songs speak to us all"  WORD 

'Devilishly Good' FLUX 

'Utterly decadent and darkly humorous' TIME OUT LONDON 

'Superbly atmospheric' UNCUT

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