Here is the latest of our little videos show casing the amazing fan art of the amazing community of artists and toonsters inspired by Genial Genus George Fort's characters for our videos.  (If your art is in this little film. let us know who you are and where you are so we can tag you and let the world know ok?) Soundtracked by one of our favourite tunes. I think we can all agree that 'man' here stands for fan, woman, he, she, they, them or it here :) x 

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Stand by your Man -  Written by Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill. Published by Warner Brothers



Once upon a time, long ago, a very strange man lived a house at the southern end of a long-vanished London street near Cripplegate in the old city wall. His name was Henry Welby and he was known as ‘The Hermit of Grub Street’. It was said that for the last 44 years of his life, he lived there alone and did not see any other human beings apart from an odd little old lady who attended to his needs and obtained books for him to read.

In the latest episode in the Clerkenwell 666fm podcast series I tell the story in some detail and it is a fascinating and mysterious fable. BUT, there is something about that I believe is not true. Through research, dreams and creative meditation, I have devised three alternatives that I believe may reveal the real truths behind the tale.

Listen and Enjoy.


Once upon a time, after a number of strange dreams, I began to research and write about a mysterious mausoleum in a London cemetery which was rumoured to have A Very Strange Secret. My writings got a great deal of attention from the press and from people all around the world, and my researches and speculations were reposted by many others – often as fact 🙂

So here, at last, after many requests, is my full story (well nearly full, I have had to keep some things secret just for now, to protect the living – and the dead).

Whether or not you are a believer, for now, leave your scepticism behind, bring along your imagination and enjoy as we climb aboard The Brompton Time Machine. x


It’s finally HERE. He’s Back!
The Crooner returns for the ‘Fourth Part of the Trilogy’, the crazy tale that began with The Show Must Go On and evolved through Kix and Me and Mr. Wolf. Valentine Rose continues his love affair with with drugs, dreams, booze – and love, aided and abetted this time by those Sultanas of Swing, The Puppini Sisters.

Written and directed by Genial Genius George Fort and made with lashings of love by George and Monica.

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